Collection List

The Collection List section is designed to highlight specific collections in your store. This guide will walk you through how to add and customize this section effectively.

Adding the Section

  1. In the theme editor, click on Add section.
  2. Choose Collection list from the list of available sections.

Adding Collections to Your List

  1. In the Collection list section, click on Add collection.
  2. Click on Select collection in the block settings.
  3. Choose a collection from the list.
  4. Repeat for all the desired collections.

Displaying Collections

Each collection you add will be displayed as an image block. The collection name will be overlaid on top of this image. If a collection doesn't have a set image, the theme will automatically use an image from a product within that collection as the background.

Overriding the Default Image

You can override the default image by selecting Thumbnail image in the settings and choosing a specific image for the collection.

Customizing the Layout and Style

Collections Per Row

  • This option controls how many collections are displayed in one line.
  • Enable this option to make the section scrollable horizontally, allowing viewers to see more collections.
  • If disabled, additional collections will be displayed in a grid format.


  • Choose whether to display the collection name overlaid on top of the image or as a label underneath.

Content Alignment

  • This setting allows you to choose where the collection name is overlaid on the image.
  • Note: If you use the label style, the collection name alignment options are limited to left, center, or right.

Image Size

  • Select the desired size for the collection images.