Featured Blog

The "Featured Blog" section allows you to prominently display articles from your blog. This section can be an effective way to engage visitors with your latest content or highlight specific articles of interest.

  1. Click on "Add Section" in the Theme Editor.
  2. From the list of sections, select "Featured Blog".

Displaying Recent Articles

  • Once the Featured Blog section is added, click on "Select blog".
  • Choose the blog from which you want the articles to be displayed. This will automatically show the most recent articles from the selected blog.

Manually Selecting Articles

Alternatively, you can manually pick specific articles to display:

  • Click on "Add article" within the Featured Blog section.
  • Select the article you wish to feature in this section.
  • Repeat this for every article that you want to feature.

Customizing the section

The Featured Blog section comes with various settings to help you tailor its appearance and functionality according to your needs.

  • Articles to show: Set the number of articles you want to display in the Featured Blog section.
  • Articles per row: Choose how many articles should be shown in each row.
  • Carousel: Activate this option if you want your articles to be displayed in a carousel format.


The Featured Blog section is a powerful feature to showcase your blog content directly on your homepage or other key pages of your Shopify store. By carefully selecting and customizing this section, you can ensure that your visitors are always up-to-date with your latest posts or are drawn to your most important articles.